“My aim is to underline the beauty of every single individual in its own unique way, for every Body is beautiful”

Pelagou fits every Body

Feeling good at all times and in all situations, no matter where you are, no matter which size you are, no matter what shape you have , no matter what time of the year always with an undefinable touch of luxury, casual elegance, uniqueness, highest quality and easiness.

Established in 2009
Inspired by the Aegean Sea and Nature in Lesvos, Greece
Created and developed in Munich, Germany
Highest quality sustainably manufactured and dyed in Italy
100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton-Jersey
100% super fine Merino Wool – Jersey
Luxurious Italian knitwear made by an 82 year old lady

Sabina Glas

Established in 2009

Pelagou arises from a lifetime of experiences in the very high end textile world and the knowledge of quality enhances pelagou´s uniqueness.

The frenetic rhythm of the fashion industry drove me away and I wanted to leave it for good, but loving friends encouraged me to start something utterly new which sent me on an untrodden new path in my life. Seeds of something new started to grow.

The connective tissue of family businesses with long traditions, fantastic skills and crafts and a worldwide web of friends and lovers of quality gave me the courage to jump out of my comfort zone into wonders.

A dream wanted to become true!

Inspired by the Aegean Sea and Nature in Lesvos, Greece
Encouraged by my beloved friend and teacher Angela Farmer

Today, after fifteen years of organic growth, pelagou and I still love to continue this journey of witnessing the unfolding of this dream.

That magical place Eftalou, where the first seed of pelagou was planted remains until today the best place to create, transform and nurture all the ideas to go on manifesting my dreams. And still Angela with all her wisdom and experience, not to forget her love for quality, organic and sustainble living continues to be my muse, inspiration and supporter.

The magical place Eftalou, is where the first seed of pelagou was planted… until today it remains my favourite place to create, transform and nurture all my ideas and to go on manifesting my dreams.

We use 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton-Jersey

This material has been created especially for pelagou. Turkish featherlike cotton jersey quality manufactured in Veneto, Italy with the most knowledgeable hands and eyes (dear friends out of a long lasting relationship), all styles become a kind of fluid caressing second skin; a living additional tissue on your Body.

We finally created a matching delicious 100% super fine Merino Wool Jersey

Layering super fine sheeths of fabric and colors is a core strength of pelagou. Introducing a subtle layer of wool changes everything especially when 100% NON itching wool, tested by the most sensitive skins, it touches directly your body with its fine warming fibers.

We maintain the highest quality material, sustainably manufactured and dyed in Italy

The heart of my manufacturing is a family business in Veneto, Italy run by a mother with her four daughters serving the most exclusive brands of the world.

Trust is our language since many years!

Sustainability is not only defined through the ingredients but also through the whole process and the participating people and their conscious approach to their work.

Sustainability is also about protecting traditions, evolving experiences, growing skills, keeping that knowledge not only in our minds and intellects but also in our crafting hands.

By appreciating hand crafts on the same level as mind crafts we nourish the roots of our existence.

Sustainability comes from the collaboration between humans that put all their skills and talents together to create a common vision and a mindful product.

This, for me, is the real organic soil on which to grow pelagou.

Luxurious Italian knitwear made by an 82 year old lady, Paola and the lifetime experience of Tamara

In 2015 I occasionally met Tamara, a very knowledgeable Italian lady that was born at the core of Italians knitting industry, Emiglia Romagna. After years of not using her amazing abilities, Tamara agreed to start again and assist to process of making our luscious pelagou knit pieces.

These pieces are customized in colour and size to give you that Haute Couture feeling of a perfect fit and the luxury of wearing your unique personalized piece.

Pelagou is not just a click!

One of my first thoughts regarding my brand were directed towards the way of distribution.  It was very important to me, for the product to speak for itself and for people to talk about pelagou because they see it and touch it on other people. 

Many believed that I was living in a dream world by only selling and making my product known by word of mouth. But actually, the dream is manifesting itself as pelagou really has been reaching people all over the world!, only by word of mouth, in the past ten years. It is unbelievable what parts of the world people are writing me from and how people came into contact with pelagou pieces. 

Personal contact is our strength

Being in close contact with my customers is the possibility to viceversa inspiration. A lovely exchange that inspires to find previously unimaginable combinations of colours and styles. Often this dialogue and the experimental approach of trying combinations brings beautiful and very satisfying results for my customer and myself. This process of interaction also gives me important feedback and inspiration for future development.

This is exactly how I want to continue doing it.
And so, this is why pelagou cannot  just be a click!

Colours are the subtle language of pelagou… 

Colour plays the most central role in pelagou.  Colours are a reflection of light and pelagou carries a lot of this light through its colours, inspired by nature.

Every time I come to Greece, I see new colours and especially new colour combinations in the ever changing seasons and the varying altitudes of the sun. The Aegean Sea and the sky in Greece alone are a source of a mere inexhaustible palette of colours. 

My professional past has given me long-term friendships with highly professionals in this field. On of them is my connection to a dyeing mill in Emiglia Romagna,Italy.  They never stop being curious and eager to try out new things with a strong focus also on using and recylcing the precious ressources involved in the processes of dyeing. Through their exceptional knowledge they have managed to work for a diversity of clients in the high-end segment of Europe and satisfy their requirements through continuous research. 

They keep proving the mastery of craftsmanship when I give them stones, soil, plants or other nature findings or pictures as colour samples, to find new colours for pelagou.

The joy of seeing what impact those colours have on my customers and to be part of experiencing the play of combinations with the colours, stands above all else!

All colours are certified Ökotest 100.